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Criminal Defense

Our Criminal Justice system is both frightening and confusing. Itís not a system that you ever want to face unprepared or alone. You are innocent until proven guilty.

If you end up facing a judge, the evidence must show beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed a crime! Thatís where an experienced defense attorney can help.

If you or a family member or a friend have been arrested and charged with a crime, or are a suspect in a criminal investigation, as an experienced, knowledgeable defense attorney, I can assist and represent you while protecting your rights.

All federal and state felonies and misdemeanors; including:
  • Murder
  • Assault and related offenses
  • Sexual offenses (rape, sodomy, sexual abuse)
  • Child Pornography (possession/distributing, internet crimes and computer crimes)
  • Drug offenses, including dealing, possession and/or manufacturing (cocaine/marijuana/methamphetamine/controlled substances)
  • Alcohol offenses, (Driving under the influence (DUI)/Operating under the influence (OWI))
  • White collar crimes
  • Business and commercial frauds (mail, wire and bank fraud)
  • Money laundering
  • Firearms offenses
  • Immigration
  • Identity theft
  • Burglary, theft and robbery
  • Forfeiture (criminal/civil)